The Warren Land Trust


Dedicated to the preservation of the rural character, farmland, open space, woodlands, and scenic beauty of Warren, Connecticut.

The Dorothy Maier Preserve

The Dorothy Maier Preserve

On September 25, 2001 the Warren Land Trust received a gift of 32.429 acres on Sackett Hill Rd which would, in future years, become known as The Dorothy Maier preserve.

The property had previously been owned by the Kennedy and Lyons families. When they put it up for sale it was purchased by Jeffrey Horowitz, Karen & Tucker Anderson and David Scofield who then donated it to the Warren Land Trust.

The property is across the street from the Warren Elementary School and through the concerted efforts of Jack Baker and David Scofield, along with numerous volunteers, has been laid out with trails for nature walks and study.

The property is one of the few Warren Land Trust holdings on which use by the general public is actively encouraged. The trails, which are maintained and clearly marked, bring the visitors in intimate contact with nature as exemplified by Northwest Connecticut flora and fauna.

As mentioned above, the preserve has been named in honor of Dorothy Maier, in gratitude for her years of service to the Warren Land Trust. Dorothy was our first president and served for fifteen years from late 1989 until January of 2005.