The Warren Land Trust


Dedicated to the preservation of the rural character, farmland, open space, woodlands, and scenic beauty of Warren, Connecticut.

What We Do

The Warren Land Trust is a non-profit corporation founded by Warren residents in 1989, dedicated to the preservation of the rural character of Warren. We are managed by a Board of Directors, which is elected each year at our annual membership meeting in October.

Our mission is to preserve farmland, open space, natural and endangered resources such as wetlands, forests and wildlife habitats, to encourage outright gifting of land for permanent protection and the use of conservation easements to preserve open space.

To date, we have over 650 acres under our protection.

Land under the protection of the Warren Land Trust is preserved and protected from development forever.

We accomplish this in several ways:
Gift of Land: We welcome gifts of all types of undeveloped land – fields, forest land, wetlands and swamp areas, farmland, steeply sloped areas and ledge areas. All contribute to the natural beauty of Warren. We occasionally purchase undeveloped land using funding from grants or neighborhood donors. No land owned by the Warren Land Trust will ever be developed or sold for development purposes.

Gift of Conservation Restriction: By using a conservation restriction (sometimes called a conservation easement), you retain ownership of your land and agree that no development (except for the limited activities permitted in the agreement) may take place on your land. This agreement is recorded on the Warren Land Records and permits the Warren Land Trust to enforce these restrictions against all owners of your land forever.

Preservation Strategies & Tax Benefits: For a summary of Land Preservation Strategies & Potential Tax Benefits, please visit our Land Preservation page.


Why is it important to be an accredited land trust?

The accreditation seal stands for Excellence - Trust - Permanence.
The seal is a mark of distinction in land conservation. It is awarded to land trusts meeting the highest national standards for excellence and conservation permanence. Each accredited land trust completes a rigorous review process and joins a network of organizations united by strong ethical practices. This trusted network of land trusts has demonstrated fiscal accountability, strong organizational leadership, sound transactions and lasting stewardship of the lands they conserve. The seal is awarded by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, a program of the Land Trust Alliance to build and recognize strong land trusts, foster public confidence in land conservation and help ensure the long-term protection of land.