The Warren Land Trust


Dedicated to the preservation of the rural character, farmland, open space, woodlands, and scenic beauty of Warren, Connecticut.

The Mulla Easement

The Mulla Easement

This parcel of nearly 40 acres is one of the most recent additions to the Land Trust's portfolio of conserved properties.  The easement, located off of Melius Road, was given by Adil and Zarinna Mulla in December 2011.

The parcel is made up of forested wetland, including a substantial stand of mountain laurel, and remnants of stone walls and trails run through it.  The Mulla Easement is of special conservation significance as it abuts land containing the Upper Shepaug Reservoir, which is owned by the City of Waterbury and supplies drinking water for the city, and the easement's wetlands feed into that reservoir.

Historically, the property was used for various agricultural purposes, including pasture, hay, and such crops as corn, turnips and barley. Farming operations ceased by the late 19th century. Since purchasing the land in 1995, the Mullas have carefully and thoroughly explored the parcel, and the property has been used by the University of Connecticut's School of Forestry as an example of proper forest stewardship.

The easement, with its deciduous trees, brush and rocky hillsides, provides a diverse wildlife habitat. Oak, birch, maple and ash trees are interspersed with dense areas of mountain laurel. Hawks, turkey and deer populate the land, along with varieties of squirrel, nuthatch, kinglets and warblers.