The Warren Land Trust


Dedicated to the preservation of the rural character, farmland, open space, woodlands, and scenic beauty of Warren, Connecticut.

The Perry Preserve

The Perry Preserve

In November of 2006, Elmer and Deborah Perry donated a conservation restriction on 100 acres adjacent to their Old Forge Hollow Road property in Litchfield. The easement, which prevents development of the parcel in perpetuity, represented the largest conservation restriction given to Warren Land Trust to date.

The parcel is forested land at the rear of the Perry's property on Old Forge Rd. and immediately to the west of the Shephaug Reservoir preserve. The restriction is a particularly valuable gift because it extends the greenbelt represented by the reservoir land and makes both parcels more valuable by their combination, which benefits the entire watershed area.

The Warren Land Trust's certificate of incorporation permits the trust to hold conservation easements in towns abutting Warren. This was the first property not located in Warren to be placed under the protection of the Warren Land Trust.

The Perry Preserve's easement provides that the property be maintained as forest and permits certain specified recreational uses.